How to Make Money With ChatGPT on Upwork

Nick Franck

You can make a lot of money with ChatGPT. Especially right now. It’s an arbitrage play.

A $300 job that used to take 10 hours ($30/hr) might only take 2 hours ($150/hr) with ChatGPT. Eventually this price mismatch might go away making it harder for the average person to take advantage of this, but it hasn’t yet.

If you take advantage of this arbitrage, you can earn money with OpenAI’s ChatGPT in no time. If you don’t believe me, read my case study on how I made $320/hr with ChatGPT.

Leveraging UpWork: A Freelance Marketplace


UpWork is a platform where clients post jobs, and freelancers submit proposals to secure those jobs. This might sound intimidating, but it’s easier than you’d think.

Choosing Your Niche: Writing or Coding

You need to decide which jobs you’ll look for on UpWork. Since ChatGPT produces text, writing and coding jobs are great targets. If you’re a developer, you should look for coding jobs. Otherwise look for writing jobs. You can also combine your previous experience/skills to narrow down a niche i.e. nurses should look for medical writing jobs.

Setting up an UpWork Profile and Submitting Proposals

  1. Create a profile: Add your name, education, work experience, hourly rate, etc.
    • I started with a pretty empty profile…so don’t let that hold you back!
    • Use ChatGPT to assist in writing your profile description.
    • Use my UpWork profile for inspiration.
  2. Submit proposals: Keep them simple and convincing.
    • Consult ChatGPT for proposal ideas, but avoid copying and pasting verbatim.
    • Emphasize your ability to complete the job quickly and efficiently (if you can of course).
    • Don’t overthink it.

Here’s an example proposal for a job that ended up being $200. This also led to follow on jobs for thousands more.


I just wrote a script to do this for a single video in a few minutes.

Doing 100 would be pretty easy as well.

Do you just want the results? A script that can run on a list of urls? or a full channel?

Depending on your answer, I should be able to do this for around $100. Less if what you want is extremely simple or more if the script needs to be more complex.

Looking forward to working with you.

- Nick Franck

Landing Your First Gig

To improve you odds of success, look for jobs that are urgent. Filter by jobs that contain keywords like urgent, ASAP, or immediate.

You can look for all at the same time with the query immediate OR ASAP OR urgent.


The first 50 jobs that contain these terms were posted in the past 3 hours! Not only that, the first 2 are a coding job and a writing job.

You won’t give every job. If you are just getting started, you might need to apply to 10-15 jobs before getting your first!

How you can stand out and improve your odds:

  1. Create a portfolio - For writing jobs, create some sample articles. - For coding jobs, create some sample applications. - My portfolio is a mix of applications I have made and my writing: example-portfolio
  2. Create a video proposal. - This is anecdotal. I got my first job on UpWork by creating a video of myself talking about the client’s work and why it would be easy for me to complete.
  3. Apply quickly.
    • If you’re the first to apply for an urgent job that’ll improve your odds.

Completing the Job

Woohoo! You got the job! Now you have to deliver. Just because ChatGPT can write a full article or a simple program doesn’t mean that’s what you should deliver.

ChatGPT increases your efficiency without a doubt. But it isn’t perfect. You should take your time to iterate back and forth with ChatGPT and your own writing/code. You can check out our article on ChatGPT prompts for writing to see some example prompts and what to consider when creating a prompt for writing.

Here is my preferred workflow when using ChatGPT to make money on UpWork:

  1. Create an outline or initial draft with ChatGPT.
    • An outline gives you a great starting point to organize your thoughts.
  2. Edit.
    • ChatGPT almost always uses long sentences. You’ll want to vary the sentence length to make things flow.
    • ChatGPT tends to overuse prepositional phrases like: “In todays age, blah blah blah”. Ensure they’re not excessive.
  3. Repeat.


You’re now making money with ChatGPT! As long as you stay persistent, keep learning, and provide results to your clients, the opportunities for success are endless. Happy freelancing!


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