How to Make $320 per Hour with ChatGPT

Nick Franck

I earned $320 in one hour with ChatGPT on UpWork, and you can too. I previously wrote a full guide on how anyone can make money with ChatGPT, detailing the process of setting up a profile, searching for jobs, applying for them, and using ChatGPT to complete the tasks. Surprisingly, the competition isn’t as fierce as you might expect. Read this post and see for yourself! While some of the content in this post is technical, it’s been written with a general audience in mind.

UpWork: A Freelancing Platform

UpWork is a platform where clients post jobs, and freelancers submit proposals to secure those jobs. For more information, refer to the article about making money with ChatGPT on UpWork. It’s a straightforward process.

Finding The Job

A lot of the jobs on UpWork have unrealistic expectations. A lot of the jobs pay $5/hr with outrageous requirements. If you look hard enough you’ll find some gems, like this one I stumbled across for $200:

Write a function(s) in Typescript that scrapes the following URL and return a list of all VDP (Vehicle Description Page) urls on the site.

Site url: https://www.replaced-for-privacy.com/

Example VDP urls: https://www.replaced-for-privacy.com/used/Foo+Bar/2020-Foo+Bar-Foo-f2b.htm > https://www.replaced-for-privacy.com/new/Foo+Bar/2022-Foo+Bar-Foo-eb2.htm

This is a web scraping job with the goal of obtaining the links to all of the cars in a dealership’s inventory. Some developers with web scraping experience could complete a job like this in less than an hour. This job was going to pay well even without ChatGPT, but I wouldn’t have secured the job or completed it so quickly without it.

Completing the Job First, then Applying?

I only got the job because I finished it before applying. I wouldn’t have done this normally, but it only took around 10-15 minutes with ChatGPT.

Here’s how:

  1. I went to https://www.replaced-for-privacy.com/
  2. I scrolled to the bottom and found a sitemap https://www.replaced-for-privacy.com/sitemap.htm
    • If I didn’t see this I would have just gone to https://www.replaced-for-privacy.com/robots.txt to find the sitemap
  3. I copied the job description and pasted it into ChatGPT and got some code.
  4. I ran the code from ChatGPT and it worked. I got the list of links!
  5. I made a minor edit for formatting and style but that was it.

With the job done, it was time to apply for the job. I kept my proposal short and to the point:


Here is the list: [

https://www.replaced-for-privacy.com/new/Alfa+Romeo/2022-Alfa+Romeo-Giulia-eb21.htm’, …, …, ’https://www.replaced-for-privacy.com/used/Volkswagen/2019-Volkswagen-Beetle-185.htm’ ]

As far as I could tell, everything is listed on https://www.replaced-for-privacy.com/sitemap.htm

Is this all the info you wanted? Do you want any other info or different pages scraped?

- Nick Franck

And I didn’t get it. At least not for a few days! But then I got a message from the client saying he would give me a shot! He liked my approach of sending all of the links, effectively proving I could do the job. Apparently he hired a few other freelancers that weren’t able to complete the job. They must not have been using ChatGPT!

Final Results

I sent the client the code, and he was happy with it. He even asked me to do a follow on job that was almost exactly the same. The main difference was that he wanted me to find the links on a different website and change up the structure of the code to work better with some application he was making.


Between messaging the client and leveraging ChatGPT to write the code, I spent less than an hour on this whole project! The client paid $400, UpWork took their 20% fee (ouch!), and I was left with $320.

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